Dr. Mosca’s current research interests include quantum algorithms and complexity, tools for optimizing the implementation of quantum circuits, and the development of cryptographic tools that will be safe against quantum technologies. His current research projects include:

  • Quantum-safe cryptography
  • Quantum algorithms and complexity
  • Methods of mapping quantum circuits to realistic architectures

He feels very fortunate to be surrounded by many outstanding colleagues at IQC and PI, researching the foundations, applications and implementations of quantum information processing, and working with other distinguished researchers in related areas such as cryptography, cybersecurity and privacy. This makes Waterloo a wonderful research and learning environment for students and postdoctoral fellows.

If you are interested in joining one of his research groups, please check out positions posted on IQC website, including the Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum Key Management System Postdoctoral positions.  You may also visit the Quantum Software group’s page, the Open Quantum Safe Page and the Open QKD Network page.